April 16, 2010

Dreaming of Dishwashers

On the everyday list of what's important, the following isn't: my dishwasher. But this week, it opened up a little reality. People pushed themselves out of bed at six in the morning to not miss Arizona's rebates for appliances. The government program is rewarding with rebates those of us who buy new, energy saving products.

By mid-morning if not earlier on Monday, the early birds exhausted the state's available money for the program. Wake up too late? Too bad. With the economy in slow motion, I long ago washed away spending money on a new dishwasher. But hearing stories of couples saving hundreds of dollars on washers and dryers and more, I wondered if resetting the alarm clock should have come the night before. That's when reality hit, the oh gee about getting a new GE. Did I fall off the top rack?

As a mom staying home to grow two small businesses, waking up along with the sun is a bit insane. Taking care of a toddler with number two soon on the way, sleep is something I only dream of. Each hour under the covers is coveted, and hearing the harsh sound of a six o'clock wakeup call for a dishwasher is not on the daily agenda. Good for the early birds who hooked themselves up. For those moms out there like me who need more hours in the day just to grab some zzzzs, we'll keep our GE. Let it hum, rattle and roll, my old dishwasher. I don't mind just dreaming of a new one.

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